Creative studio

Creative Studio

Walk-in at anytime to use the studio and create a masterpiece of your own design. You can direct your creative energy in drawing, designing a sculpture, exploring collage, clay making or book-binding, painting courses and much more!

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Birthday & Team building

We offer birthday packages, school field trips and team building workshops. 

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Children & Adult Workshops

Enhance your skills or learn a new one by taking part in Medaf art workshops. Check the schedule below more information.


Medaf Camp

We offer camps during spring, summer and winter for children between 5 to 10.

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Expression Room

We offer our young visitors a one-of-a-kind expression room in Dubai where no rules exist.The floors and walls become an open canvas, and our budding artists are empowered to create unique masterpieces!

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Virtual Workshops

We are working on creating a new experience with Medaf. Stay tuned. 


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"We wanted to create a space where creativity and innovation can be born outside the school and home walls"

Alia Lootah & Noora BinKalban

Co-founders of Medaf Studio