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About Us

At Medaf Creative Studio + Art Spaces, we ignite the curiosity and creativity of tomorrow's innovators through utilizing multi-disciplinary art practices that target building and developing the skill-set of children and adults through art related workshops. 


Medaf is an Arabic word that means "the rower of the boat." At  our Creative Studio + Art Space, we embody the spirit of the "Medaf" acting as the tools that assist children and adults in their individual journeys, helping them learn, grow and develop.


Maria Sarmiento

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Art Assistant


Joy Policarpio

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Art Assistant


Gail Gagui

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Art Assistant

Meet The Team


Alia Hussain Lootah

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Creative Director & Co-Founder


Noora M. BinKalban

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Managing Director & Co-Founder


Kathleen Sulit

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 Creative Manger

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